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[PP] pessimism may increase the downward pressure on the market

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today's PP market fluctuates downward. Due to the insufficient progress of market transactions, the prices exceeding the high price reported yesterday fell back, and the market atmosphere was slightly worse than yesterday. The main reason was that it was difficult to conclude transactions at high prices, and the merchants' pessimistic attitude towards the future market continued unabated. At present, the oil price and petrochemical price increase policies can only temporarily delay the market decline. Because the global economic shock is such a concession to adjust the fluctuation uncertainty of the spotlight and the polypropylene demand gradually enters the off-season, the long-term decline of the market remains

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

the US dollar index fluctuated upward, the international oil price continued to fall, and the international oil price in New York fell by US $0.13/barrel to US $93.19/barrel. The continued decline of crude oil dragged down the confidence of businesses and cooled the trading atmosphere in the market. The performance of terminal inquiry is weak, and the wait-and-see mood remains unchanged

on Monday, the closing price of propylene market in the Far East remained stable and closed at 1199 5 dollars/ton. Propylene monomer tends to be stable, and the merchants continue to watch carefully, and the transaction is flat

III. local market conditions

today, the overall supply of PP market is small, and many merchants offer firm prices. Traders mostly ship with them, and the overall market turnover is average

Shantou PP market has a general supply of goods, and the overall price is stable and small. Crude oil closed lower, and merchants actively sold goods at a small margin. The demand of downstream factories has been sluggish for a long time, and the goods are received cautiously. The transaction situation is still weak

in Wuhan PP market, 36 enterprises above the scope of the base offered higher prices today. At the beginning of the month, the tight supply of goods on the market supported traders' too high quotations. Downstream factories mostly purchase on demand, and do not have a strong intention to take the goods actively. The overall speculative atmosphere in the market is cold

the price of PP in Quanzhou market rose today. Boosted by the rise of futures, traders' quotations rose slightly yesterday. Downstream factories mostly purchase on demand and are still bearish on the future market, resulting in low market turnover

IV. quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

PetroChina Huanan PP inventory is not high, and all of them are listed for sale. Some brands were increased by 100 yuan/ton, and the sales situation of the manufacturer was average. The reference price is as follows: for T30S, it is 11550 yuan/ton, and for K8003, it is 11800 yuan/ton

the PP in PetroChina Southwest sales region was listed for sale today. The overall inventory is OK, and the sales situation is average. The reference price is as follows: 11600 yuan/ton for T30S and 11900 yuan/ton for K8003

Panjin Ethylene PP was sold at a fixed price today, some brands were increased by 200 yuan/ton, and the inventory was average. The reference price is as follows: how to detect the soft impact of F40 security door when T30S is 11300 yuan/ton? 1 at 11300 yuan/ton

2. By the end of 15:00, the prices of some brands of China Plastics' spot PP had risen and fallen, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, 1102k/shenhuaning coal minimum reported 11450 yuan/ton (up 50), h5300/Korea Hyundai minimum reported 11900 yuan/ton (down 300), jm350/Hunan Petrochemical minimum reported 13500 yuan/ton (down 50), m2600r/Shanghai Petrochemical minimum reported 13300 yuan/ton (down 200), t30s/Shaoxing Sanyuan minimum reported 11600 yuan/ton (down 100), t30s/Zhenhai Refining and chemical minimum reported 12000 yuan/ton (up 20)

v. future forecast

domestic inflation has peaked in the near future, and it is reasonable to fine tune policies. However, China faces some very serious challenges, such as industrial structure reform and expanding domestic consumption. It can be seen from the worries about China's economy that we are more and more confused about the future market while operating cautiously. The market is more affected by internal and external news, which also makes the market more sensitive. In this special context, if the market is not affected by strong and continuous good news, it is difficult to have a big market, and most businesses follow the market, which makes them more confused about the future market. It is expected that the market will fluctuate slightly tomorrow, and the merchants will continue to ship with them. The overall wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong

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