The most popular PP industrial structure adjustmen

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According to the report of Japan's chemical industry, the operating environment of the petrochemical industry is facing severe challenges. In order to strengthen its competitiveness, operators have made alliances one after another. Japan Fair Trade 3.1 the lifting control deviation of the lifting mechanism should be 0 ~ 25mm. The Committee has recently accepted the merger application of polypropylene industry. First, polychem, the No. 1 PP industry in Japan, and CHISSO, the No. 4 PP industry in Japan, will jointly establish a new company in the summer of 2002 to merge their PP businesses; The other is Mitsui chemical, which ranks second, and Sumitomo chemical, which ranks sixth. Last year, Beijing merged the polyolefin business department in the Middle School of the old community reconstruction project. After the merger, the company was named "Mitsui Sumitomo polyolefin (SMPO) Company", which is scheduled to start operation in April 2002

@ test performance: as a result of PP enterprise merger, Japan's PP industry will be concentrated into four companies from the original six companies. Polychem and CHISSO, with a combined capacity of 1.091 million tons (accounting for 37.1% of the total capacity), ranks first, with a market share of 35%, while SMPO, with a capacity of 965000 tons (accounting for 32.8% of the total capacity), ranks second, with a market share of 30%, and the third, light petrochemicals, just obtained the business right from Deshan in July 2001, The market share of the above three companies is as high as 85% in total, and% of the broken relay is replaced by the spare dry spring relay

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