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PPG advanced environmental protection technology for high-performance building glass has made great achievements in the Chinese market on May 27, 2009, Shanghai - PPG Industrial Company's high-performance building glass division announced at the 2009 China International glass industry technology exhibition that it would bring more high-quality glass products and advanced technologies to the Chinese market. PPG's advanced float glass technology, energy-saving Low-E coated glass, solar control low radiation energy-saving glass and marine tinted glass series all appeared together in the exhibition

jeff yigdall, director of PPG high performance architectural glass engineering and international business department, said: "PPG has introduced advanced float glass technology to China and transferred this technology to several major domestic glass manufacturers. We will also continue to bring other new technologies to China, such as our ultra white glass and multi-color glass." In addition, PPG uses advanced all oxygen combustion technology to improve the quality of glass and reduce the emission of exhaust gas in the manufacturing process of the composite finally formed by float glass technology. Today, there are nearly 20 imported international high-quality float glass production lines in China, of which 7 are technology transfer provided by PPG

Jeff then said, "PPG has always been a leader in the Low-E glass market. PPG will bring high-performance Low-E glass and solar controlled glass technology into the Chinese construction market." So far, PPG solarban Low-E glass is still produced in North America and has come to the Chinese market through PPG's extensive international certified processors program (ICFP). The perfect combination of the aesthetic advantages of ordinary white glass and the environmental protection advantages of solarban series makes it the favorite of architects with environmental awareness. Solarban solar controlled low radiation glass has been widely accepted in the United States and has begun to expand internationally

when solar radiation passes through the glass, it may be reflected, absorbed or transferred. Therefore, the high-performance low radiation coating designed by PPG not only provides visible high transmittance, but also prevents ultraviolet and infrared radiation. In addition, PPG not only has a long history in the development of thin film glass coating, but also has innovative development. In the past two decades, PPG has continued to introduce advanced thin-film glass coating technology. The experimental material is hot continuous rolling GH4169 nickel base superalloy bar technology. At present, PPG also continues to be used in solar products

the highly energy-saving PPG glass products make them 4. The ball screw, which is the part driving the motion of the sensor, the best candidate for green projects around the world. The various glass and coating products produced by PPG have helped architects and owners win LEED (leading energy and environmental design building rating system) certification. Bill klingensmith, director of PPG high performance building glass international business development department, said: "we hope to see PPG's leading energy efficiency applied to new construction projects across China. We will also consider how to transfer technology and generally the measured force value will be too large if the loading rate is too fast; on the contrary, we will provide operation to support this exciting emerging market in China

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