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With the rapid economic development and the improvement of the overall economic level of the country, the number of high-end consumers is increasing, and the trading volume of luxury houses is also rising sharply. More consumers are looking at the high-end door and window market. In 2016, the sales volume of high-end household products nationwide increased by five times compared with the first half of 2017, among which the sales volume of high-end doors and windows accounted for 60%. Angel doors and windows meet the high requirements of high-end door and window consumers for product design and quality, and the integration of technical services is improved. When doors and windows join, choose Angel doors and windows

I. store image support

nationwide use of unified brand image decoration, free store design throughout the process, so that you can enjoy our national unified Si image without any effort

II. Whole process training support

you can participate in the free training of the head office with your bag, and the professional knowledge of sales, design, skills and so on is fully awarded, so that you can know the industry like the palm of your hand

III. zero yuan franchise support

during the investment promotion period, you can obtain our comprehensive support policy through consultation, free of franchise fee

IV. decoration subsidy support

Angel provides store decoration subsidies to franchise partners according to different store areas

v. advertising support

the company will give certain advertising support subsidies to the outdoor publicity and advertising expenses of the franchise partners in all regions during brand publicity

VI. promotional activities support

holiday exclusive stores, local shopping malls or distribution planning activities. The company gives specific planning plans and special price product support. For large-scale activities, the company assigns sales teams to stay in the whole process to assist and support

VII. Sales prop support

join in and give away the shopping guide system, sell practical props at the terminal, display the product effect drawing at the decoration site, and sign the bill easily

VIII. Information sharing support

all customers in your local area consult through the network and telephone, we will feed back the customer information to you at the first time. You can easily get the customer order by calling

IX. network promotion support

use the Internet platform, adopt the strategy of "accurate word-of-mouth marketing", combined with the brand development strategy, guide the spread of carpet topic hot spots throughout the network, improve the authority of the brand on the network, and realize the seamless connection between the brand and the new generation of consumers. Doors and windows franchise


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