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In recent years, the floor is loved by the owners. Whether it is the environmental protection of the floor or the plant characteristics, it has brought us a healthy home life, but there are often a series of problems in the floor, which always make us unable to rub our hands. What is the reason

in recent years, flooring has been loved by owners. Whether it's environmental protection or plant characteristics, it has brought us a healthy home life, but there are often a series of problems on the floor, which always make us unable to rub our hands. What's the reason? Let's see what the experts say

generally speaking, the most common phenomenon in use is that the floor is tiled or arched, which is mainly caused by the damp of the floor. The reasons for the damp of the floor are roughly the following:

1. Moisture in the air (such as huangmeitian)

2. The floor is not completely dry, and the keel is reinforced with cement

3. Keel and rough floor are too wet, so use water-based glue

4. There is no special moisture-proof treatment in the wet environment such as the first floor

5. The section at the junction of stone floor and floor is not closed

7. Blisters (such as water pipe rupture, balcony water backflow, etc.)

in addition, the product itself and improper construction will also cause arching. For example, improper drying treatment, insufficient curing, too low moisture content, too shallow back groove, insufficient expansion joints during construction, too tight laying, etc. Now many irregular factories use some plates with poor quality and poor drying. After coloring, mending and pretending to be a first-class board, cheating consumers, which is one of the main reasons for the deformation of the floor. Due to the working hours in the solid wood floor, the surface is processed by six times of paint, and the bottom of the floor is painted by one time. The upper and lower stresses are inconsistent, and the external air will affect the floor, which is also the cause of deformation

indoor heating, indoor very dry, which is equivalent to drying all the wood products at home twice. Solid wood products are natural plants, which will inevitably change. This requires that attention should be paid to the indoor dry humidity and the control and adjustment of dry humidity. This is also good for the human body. Some people say that solid wood floors are so easy to change, so don't shop solid wood! This statement is also incorrect. Just because the solid wood floor will change, it can reflect the advantages of natural plants. It is natural and environment-friendly. It absorbs gases harmful to human body and emits substances beneficial to human body. It requires us to overcome the shortcomings of easy deformation of the floor as much as possible when processing the floor

insiders said: humidity is inevitable, and all parties need to pay more attention.

at present, humidity is inevitable in major cities, especially in spring. Therefore, before paving, consumers should first ask the floor paving unit to confirm whether there is any indoor moisture source (the indoor moisture source may generally be that the cement of the new building floor is not dry, the water vapor leakage of the cement layer under the newly paved floor tiles in the toilet and kitchen, the water seepage of the balcony outer door and the indoor interval or the external wall, the underground water vapor intrusion of other villas and the leakage of pre drainage pipes, air conditioning pipes, sewer pipes, etc.) and take corresponding and effective measures to isolate the water vapor intrusion, The key parts of isolation are the junction of kitchen, bathroom, open balcony and paved floor room, and waterproof materials must be used for moisture-proof isolation

after paving, you still need to pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, especially in rooms on the ground floor and with East windows. National and industrial standards stipulate that moisture removal measures must be taken to avoid possible moisture damage when the air humidity reaches more than 70%. The floor is a natural material product, and it is normal to produce a little crack, warpage and discoloration in use. And a small amount of floor noise, paint explosion or crack, crack is also difficult to completely avoid

the national standard stipulates that the acceptance must be carried out within three days after the paving. The owner had better keep a package of original floor samples, so that if there is a problem in the future, please ask the quality supervision department for inspection, so that we can distinguish whether it is the floor quality problem or the paving quality problem. The paved floor cannot be identified as its own quality problem

in terms of responsibility and obligation, the moisture-proof isolation project should be implemented by the decoration company. If the floor is also paved by the decoration company, then the responsibility for problems in the future is very clear. However, if the floor factory is responsible for the paving, the factory should confirm that the indoor moisture-proof isolation has been done before the paving. On the contrary, it should also do its duty to remind, and it is best to confirm in writing. Otherwise, once there is a dispute, it will be difficult to distinguish the responsibility, and ultimately consumers will suffer

different responsible parties are responsible for product quality, construction quality and finished product maintenance quality. However, it must be reminded that the quality problems of wood flooring sometimes occur not in one stage, but in the process of use, which will confuse the product quality, paving quality and use and maintenance quality of the flooring. At this time, the after-sales service personnel must be calm, calm, carefully observe and test, and make careful judgments




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