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Now many owners buy second-hand houses, mostly for economic benefits, so the renovation of second-hand houses should naturally be considered from the perspective of saving money. However, one

with the rising house prices, second-hand houses have become popular in the house. More and more people buy second-hand houses, and the backstage of Xiaobian is also crowded. Similar problems: how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses, so we can simply put the problem of how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses into writing today, so that everyone can see enough at one time

in fact, compared with new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses is very different. For example, there are many places in second-hand houses that may need to be renovated, and there are many details that need to be paid more close attention. Paying attention to these things in the renovation and decoration of second-hand houses can not only let you live in a new house, but also do not waste money

how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses: key points of renovation

1 Cracks and mildew on the wall should be repaired

these two points are common problems of many old houses. The former cannot be ignored because it affects the beauty. However, mildew will appear in water using areas such as toilets in most cases, and many owners must redo the wall due to hydropower transformation

however, wall cracks are common in all rooms, and many owners do not pay enough attention to this. They think that as long as they are covered with other things, it will not affect the beauty. In fact, otherwise, water and air slowly follow this small crack into the interior of the wall, and the crack will become larger and larger, which is easy to cause the wall to peel and fall off. Therefore, once cracks are found, they should be repaired in time to avoid worse consequences

2. Space design should be reasonable

many of the old houses in the second-hand housing market are old houses in the 1990s. The decoration style is outdated, and the lighting in the room is not good. In terms of spatial structure, we should try to be simple. We should know that sometimes appropriate white space is better. It is not difficult to change some brightly colored soft decoration accessories for old houses

there are always many self-made wardrobes in the bedrooms of old houses, which take up a lot of space, and the style is also very old-fashioned. Such objects should be removed without hesitation, so as to maximize the bedroom space and make it more comfortable when resting

3. Water and electricity transformation cannot be less

some old houses, which are decades old, are still brick and concrete walls, and the layout of water and electricity is not standardized. Before the construction of water and electricity, we must ask a professional decoration company to evaluate the structure and service life of the houses

how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses: there is a way to save money

1 Don't tear down walls and smash the ground at will

many times, when the owners are renovating their houses, they always have a deep-rooted understanding that renovation must tear down walls and smash the ground. They should know that once the walls are demolished and built, there will be a lot of extra budget, so they should be careful when renovating and tearing down walls

2. Waste utilization is very important

the retention of wood floors should be the largest waste utilization. Generally, the formaldehyde volatilization cycle of new wood floors is 15 years, while the most valuable part of the floors in old houses is that there is no formaldehyde volatilization, so if the floors are not seriously damaged, they can be renovated and continue to be used

3. There is no need to buy a complete set of large furniture

if you want to save more money, you can position the new style as mixed and matched, so that you can retain some old furniture in the original home. And there is no need to buy new furniture in sets. Buying a single item not only has a wide range of choices, but also is cheaper

how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses: what should not be saved cannot be saved 1 Wire money can't be saved

water and fire are ruthless, and electricity is even fiercer than tigers. Many owners also hope to save the cost of some wires when renovating, and hope not to replace them. However, because the infrastructure of the house needs to be changed, the wires also need to be expanded and rearranged. The new wires and the aging wires are used in series, which is easy to cause the sharp aging of the old wires, uneven distribution of circuits, easy to trip or burn out electrical appliances, For the safety of you and your family, don't save these expenses

2. Waterproof money cannot be saved

many houses in the past were sand and ash walls, with loose structure. Coupled with the effect of house settlement, subtle cracks have appeared on the wall and ground; Some second-hand houses also need to knock on the wall and pry the tiles, so the cracks are easier to expand. Once the water leakage loss is difficult to estimate, so the decoration of second-hand houses can not only save waterproofing, but also focus on waterproofing

3. Water pipe money can't be saved

the water pipes of many old houses are cast iron pipes, which are easy to be blocked by rust after a long time, which limits the water demand of the house and pollutes the water source and affects health, so when decorating and renovating, this kind of water pipe must not make do with it, and must be replaced with PPR water pipes

4. House inspection money can't be saved

the quality of second-hand houses is uneven, and some defects are mostly covered up by the original owner with decoration, such as cracked corners, mildew, water leakage and other defects. Therefore, when looking at the house, it is best to bring a professional decoration supervisor to help inspect the house, strangle all kinds of problems in the cradle, and if you find problems, you can also bargain when buying a house

I hope these edited by Xiaobian can answer the question of how to simply renovate and decorate second-hand houses, and make parents less confused and more confident when renovating and decorating second-hand houses




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