Be a dutiful child and order a Kangying silent alu

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So late, as an old man in his late 80s, Kangnai has brushed his teeth and is ready to go to bed. I turn off the light. I'm going to date Zhou Gong. I'm scared by the sudden thunder outside the window. Kangnai's heart can't be healed for a long time. It's going to rain. Get up and close the window. I'd like to be quiet. But the window is not awesome. the thunder outside the window is particularly clear

then, I haven't fallen asleep yet

I have lost sleep properly

Kangnai is now thinking about how to make me sleep quietly

how to isolate noise

how to make me sleep

do you know the feeling of insomnia

insomnia is very uncomfortable and painful

Kangnai has been insomnia all night

going out to buy vegetables in the morning

comrades all asked me why I am listless

I said about insomnia

my grandson learned about it

Started to help purchase aluminum alloy doors and windows and came back.

replaced all aluminum alloy doors and windows at home.

grandson said that these aluminum alloy doors and windows have a particularly good sound insulation effect.

after installation, it's noisy outside.

as long as you close the windows, it's quiet.

I asked grandson

what kind of doors and windows this is, so magical

grandson said, Kangying silent doors and windows

is the country's first leading brand of silent doors and windows

it is also one of the top ten domestic aluminum doors and windows brands

you ah, just rest assured

I laughed, or my grandson filial piety




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