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The newly decorated house has flooded the wall due to the leakage of floor heating, so it can't be occupied. I believe this kind of encounter will cause fire to anyone. Mr. Ding in Huangdao District got involved in this fire

Mr. Ding's new house is in Kangda Xintiandi community, Chaoyang mountain road, Huangdao District. Looking at the messy new house, Mr. Ding really shook his head. This house was bought by Mr. Ding in November 2015. After decoration last year, it was originally intended to be occupied in April this year, but there was a problem when the ground heating was tested in November last year

Mr. Ding quickly contacted the developer to repair the leakage of floor heating. In March this year, the maintenance team found an obvious leak in the living room of Mr. Ding's new house, and quickly repaired it. Mr. Ding said that since then, he has found the developer Kangda real estate for many times, but the other party did not agree with the compensation request put forward by Mr. Ding, but issued a treatment plan, in which the solution was unacceptable to him

Mr. Ding also said that the warranty period of his house is only until November this year. Who should be responsible for the problem of ground heating in the future? Therefore, he asked to sign an agreement to extend the warranty for two years, but the developer did not agree. So what's going on? Later, the reporter contacted manager Jiang, the after-sales person in charge of the Xintiandi community project of Kangda real estate by telephone. The other party said that they had always been willing to cooperate with Mr. Ding for maintenance. They had never refused to extend the warranty, and were willing to issue an extended warranty agreement to Mr. Jiang

for specific compensation issues, the two sides will go to Yinzhu Street judicial office for mediation on June 21, and finally negotiate to solve them





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