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Your energy-saving and comfortable life, we create it for you personally! Suifu doors and windows always focus on energy-saving and quiet life at home

today, Suifu doors and windows introduces the hardware accessories on doors and windows

load-bearing accessories hinge

01 what is hinge

it is a mechanical device used to connect two solids

and allow the relative rotation between them

while the hinge used in aluminum alloy doors and windows

is roughly divided into hinge and sliding support

among which the sliding support is also known as friction hinge


now generally used in the market is bearing hinge

it is composed of two fixed pages and cylindrical bearings

friction hinge

friction hinge Including slide rail, slide block, corbel, long cantilever, short cantilever, oblique cantilever

wherein the slide block is installed on the slide rail

the long cantilever is hinged between the slide rail and the corbel

the short cantilever is hinged between the slide block and the corbel

the oblique cantilever is hinged between the slide block and the long cantilever

1 The bracket

is used to install the window sash. It is a supporting part

2 Cantilever

part used to connect bracket arm and slide rail

3 The slide rail

is used to install on the window frame and plays the role of bearing the movement of the slider

4 Slide block

where is the part

02 that plays the role of moving guidance in the slide rail used

it is used on side hung doors or side hung windows

what is the use of the opposite side of the handle


its main function is to support

support the window sash into an open state

in which the window sash with hinge cannot be fixed

and the window sash with sliding support can be positioned according to the model

fixed position

on the other hand

from the performance of the hinge

if all parameters of the hinge meet the standard

, the window sash will not appear

corner dropping, difficult to close In fact, in the process of use, the quality and use experience of the external casement window largely depend on the correct selection and installation of the hinge

the latest 109/135 broken bridge casement window series launched by Suifu doors and windows has aroused a warm response as soon as it came into the market. In addition to continuing the consistently excellent product performance and excellent appearance design, great efforts have been made in the safety prevention of casement windows: the new series are all imported brand hinges with high strength and strong wind resistance of the whole window; It has good load-bearing capacity, with a maximum load of 100kg. It can still be used smoothly after more than 100000 times of repeated opening and closing (especially in coastal areas or windy areas, it can effectively avoid the risk of falling from height and give residents a great sense of security)

▲ 109 bridge broken casement window series (partial)

in addition, under the new Suifu series, the maximum opening angle of the hinged window can reach 90 degrees, which is flexible to open, easy to operate, and can stop at will. Generally, the hinge needs regular maintenance to prevent the hinge groove from falling into sand, cement, lime, dust and other sundries, resulting in the unsmooth opening and closing of the window. Suifu 109/135 broken bridge casement window series hinge matching design is more humanized: the bottom of the hinge adopts the installation design without bottom slot to prevent dust and sand accumulation, which is more convenient for daily cleaning and daily opening and closing

▲ 135 bridge broken casement window series (partial)

ps: due to the constraints of product structure, the size and weight of the external casement window using hinge products should not be too large. The window sash is too heavy or too wide, which will cause the window sash to fall, affect the normal opening and closing of the window, or reduce the sealing and thermal insulation performance of the window. Combined with the human body structure and considering the safety of the operator when opening and closing, the width of the opening leaf should not be greater than 570mm when designing the external casement window, and the leaf size should be 570*1200 (W × H) Within

in order to ensure the durability of the window sash, the length specification of the hinge for the external casement window should be 2/3 of the width of the window sash, and the selection of the load-bearing grade should be glass plus profile weight multiplied by the safety factor of 1.3

we will build your energy-saving and comfortable life by ourselves! Suifu doors and windows always focus on energy-saving and quiet life at home. As a powerful brand enterprise of doors and windows, Suifu doors and windows has sufficient supply capacity and perfect production technology guarantee. The products of the brand include sunshine room (shading system), grape trellis, bridge broken window screen integrated casement window, sliding window, heavy sliding door, heavy folding door, swing door and other high-end customized products. Suifu doors and windows attaches great importance to the performance of doors and windows, and with reference to European technology and home style, it has built a home with ingenuity to create the most beautiful energy-saving door and window products, and create household quality





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