The most popular PP price in East China rose sligh

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PP prices in East China rose slightly

in the case of insufficient supply in the polypropylene market last week, the device problems of some petrochemical enterprises made the market supply problems extremely prominent. Last week, domestic wire drawing and injection molding prices rose slightly, while copolymerization prices rose rapidly. The import market also performed well. While the US dollar quotation rose, the transaction was relatively stable. As some market prices rose slightly, most petrochemical enterprises cautiously raised the ex factory price of electronic universal testing machines due to low inventory and good sales. In general, as the number of petrochemical enterprises producing special materials is increasing, the inventory of petrochemical enterprises is very small

for wire drawing materials/plastic injection, the market in East China is stable and the recovery rate of 90% will increase slightly before 2025. Now the mainstream prices in East China have risen to yuan/ton, but there are not many sources of goods in the market, so the trading volume is small. Recently, due to the lack of market resources and weak demand, the market has shown a very delicate tug of war; Although the current downstream operating rate is not satisfactory, and the ability to accept high prices is becoming weaker and weaker, from the current situation, the market is still rising slightly. Recently, prices in South China have fluctuated slightly. Great Wall Motors, a market with acceptable performance last week, is willing to take advantage of this platform to show its weakness this week. In Fujian market, the quotation of Fujian Refining Company was maintained at 7100 yuan/ton, but the sales were not smooth. The market price of domestic T30S is yuan/ton. In Guangdong market, the transaction price of T30S is 6900 yuan/ton (without tickets). Despite the tight supply of goods in North China, the market turnover is still light, and the mainstream price remained at about RMB/ton at the end of last week

from May to the present, the PP market as a whole has shown a back and forth trend of "advancing two and retreating one", that is, the price callback range is 1/of the price increase range, which is used in advertising, furniture, electrical appliance shell, circuit and other fields about 2. In addition, due to the high overall price of polypropylene, the recent upward increase is more and more small, which not only reflects the cautious purchase of domestic buyers, but also indicates the shortage of market resources. In the later stage, the market will be more cautious as the price rises; But on the other hand, the increase in demand also gives the market an upward impetus. Therefore, it is expected that the polypropylene market will maintain the recent momentum of "advance, retreat and one", and the industry should maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude

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