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The innovation and innovation of China National Heavy Duty Truck bridge box Co., Ltd. helped "reengineering and development" to heat up

the innovation and innovation of China National Heavy Duty Truck bridge box Co., Ltd. helped "reengineering and development" to heat up

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it was cold in the early winter, and the Lean River of China National Heavy Duty Truck bridge box Co., Ltd. was cold, but the busy figure was active in the plant, and the enthusiasm and innovation momentum added warmth to this cold season

there is no end to intelligent transformation, and innovation and efficiency have reached a climax. Bridge box company set up a project research team to find out the constraints, optimize and improve the process, and completed the secondary development of "renishao" system; The macro program developed by ourselves is used to change "inspection before machining" into "inspection during machining"; The self-made spline inner side inspection tool reduces the inspection time from 80 seconds to 10 seconds, realizing the rapid inspection of differential assembly assembly assembly since ht457 production; Organize relevant technical personnel to set up a team to plan the transformation plan, With three robots "3 phenylmethane copolyester mxf121 material can resist these corrosion excellently and realize the automatic processing and testing of the whole process of the clutch pressure plate production line. On the premise of ensuring the product processing quality, the shift output has been steadily increased by more than 50%, while the staffing of the processing line has been reduced from 6 people per shift to 2 people per shift, and the product quality has been greatly improved.

it is only with heart that the heart is more warm. The bridge box employees have made small changes one by one to make the production line warm 。 As the main shaft tension reaches 8000n during the maintenance of the E-line machining center of the steering knuckle processing division of the front axle, the disassembly and assembly labor intensity is high and the efficiency is low. Therefore, the maintenance team of the front axle department uses the principle of "four two pulling a thousand catties" and uses two lengthened screws, steel plates and shouldered nuts to assemble and make tools, which are mainly used to replace the main shaft claws, tension springs and adjust the main shaft tension, greatly improving the equipment maintenance efficiency. From the original disassembly and assembly by two people for one hour to three minutes by one person, it has high promotion and application value; In view of the unstable positioning tolerance of the steering tie rod arm 25 sequence drilling and reaming taper holes in the small parts processing division of the clutch department, the technicians changed the fixed positioning to the movable positioning with a sliding block, slotted the corresponding sliding block and positioning pin on the support, changed the product positioning mode, eliminated the influence of the large tolerance of the previous process on the positioning, made the positioning surface fully contact with the product surface, and ensured the perpendicularity of the taper hole, The stability of product quality is improved; The driving wheel production line of the gear processing division improves the grooving method of the existing tooling: the mechanical foaming method is improved with the help of the strong stirring type of the machine. The teeth of the existing defective products are cut off by wire cutting, only the positioning and clamping part is retained, and made into a self-made mandrel, which avoids the tool damage caused by the hardness change, improves the grooving efficiency of the tooling, shortens the cutting time of nearly 2 hours, and improves the workpiece quality

"OK, this will save a lot of fuel costs." Joy came from the comprehensive management room of the drive axle department. Since the beginning of the year, Qiaoxiang company has conscientiously implemented the group company's policy of energy conservation and consumption reduction, organized the company's energy review, and formulated the 2017 company level energy management implementation plan, including the cleaning machine steam to electricity auxiliary heating project, optimized the process parameters of the medium frequency heating furnace, etc., saving more than 400 tons of energy equivalent to standard coal

among them, the drive axle Department formulated and issued the operation instruction for economic operation of the drive axle coating line to strictly control the opening and closing time of the steam valve; Through the adjustment of the production process and the test of main technical specifications, close the steam valve half an hour in advance before each line stop, and use the residual heat of the heat exchanger of the hot blast stove to dry the axle; Make full use of the waste heat of the drying box of the coating line, saving a lot of steam costs; As the boiler room still started the steam furnace at the usual time, the boiler startup time exceeded the opening time of the end valve, which could easily lead to excessive furnace pressure. The equipment kinetic energy department communicated with the relevant person in charge of the drive axle department, and adjusted and optimized the steam supply time of the coating line of the drive axle department, so as to ensure that the energy consumption in the production process of the product is reduced again. The single axle fuel and power cost of the drive axle Department decreased by 36% year-on-year from January to September

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