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China finance futures: PTA's rising trend remains unchanged. PTA's rising fat and other trends continue (11.11)

boosted by the persistent strong trend of PX prices, PTA futures prices opened low and went high on Wednesday, continuing the recent upward pattern of shocks. Ta001, the main contract, opened 38 points higher than the overnight settlement price. After the opening of 7690, it rose steadily. At the end of the day, it accelerated upward and closed at 7772

PX prices in Asia continued to rise strongly overnight, with FOB Korea rising $17.5 to $per ton and CFR Taiwan rising $17.5 to $per ton

supported by the strong cost until the conditioning is qualified, the PTA spot market remained stable on Tuesday. The offer price of domestic materials in the market is firm at the level of more than 7500 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is about yuan/ton. In the external market, a small number of offers were made at USD 900/T, and the actual market negotiation was between USD/T. due to the low intention of downstream factories to take over the offer, there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, and there were few firm offers

the price of ethylene glycol in the domestic trade market in South China rose steadily. Driven by the limited supply of goods and the rise of imported goods, Maoming Petrochemical, the local mainstream supplier, had a limited commodity volume. The loss of ethylene glycol was greatly reduced. The ex factory price rose by 200 yuan to 6500 yuan/ton

the overall atmosphere of the domestic polyester chip market is stable, and the price is stable and firm, but the range is not large. The cash or March acceptance price of semi gloss chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is about yuan/ton

px was strongly supported by tight supply, and the rising cost continued to boost the popularity of PTA bulls. The buying interest in the day was high, but there was a strong counterattack by short sellers in the afternoon, but it was still difficult to stop the upward pace of futures prices. The K-line of ta001, the main contract, shows that after the lower 5-day moving average quickly crosses the 10 day moving average in the near future, it has formed a solid support for the futures price. The energy indicator obv shows that the momentum of the futures price is getting stronger. At the same time, the intra day price volume coordination is good. It is expected that the upward pattern of PTA shocks in the near future will not change

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