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In order to further improve the product quality of man product parts, Jinan Power Department listed the quality tackling of man product parts as the focus of this year's quality work, systematically sorted out data, analyzed the parts with high quality problems, and grasped the quality bottleneck, Discuss solutions with suppliers to overcome quality difficulties

the audit team of the power department, according to the specific conditions of products and the process audit regulations, conducted on-site audit on the supplier's personnel qualification, equipment capacity, process level, process control level, quality system construction and other aspects of China's non-ferrous metal import and export of 145million tons in 2015. In view of the problems found in the audit process, the power department, in combination with the practices of excellent units and the experience in the product release process, puts forward targeted guidance to suppliers, assists in the construction of suppliers' quality assurance system, and makes suppliers' product quality development and assurance more systematic and standardized. If the supplier does not have material tensile performance testing equipment, which is a big risk point, through repeated communication and comparison with the supplier, the supplier finally equipped with a suitable tensile testing machine to effectively ensure the product quality; In terms of on-site management, in combination with the actual production of the supplier, the power department proposed a new management mode to the supplier, established a special MC product process project team, implemented the quality decomposition to the process and team, inspected the next process, and the last process and after-sales problems were borne by the final inspection. After layer by layer inspection, the product quality was greatly improved

in view of the quality problems found in the early production process and after-sales core parts, the project leader and technician of the supplier specially invited by Jinan Power Department have also had similar problems. They have one-to-one communication with the external quality inspection, external quality inspection technology, assembly site technology, operators, etc., to discuss the quality problems concerned in the external product inspection, inspection methods, technical standards required in the inspection, MC product positioning and product release requirements The quality problems arising from the assembly process were communicated in detail, so that the suppliers could better understand the requirements of staff skills, production equipment, testing equipment and other aspects, so as to make targeted improvements. By comparing the good supplier products, they helped the suppliers find the gap, find out their own problems, and take these problems as the entry point for the follow-up quality research. At the same time, the power department tracked the supplier's quality improvement project in the whole process, discussed with the supplier's quality and technical personnel for some links that could not be carried out smoothly according to the time node, identified the causes of progress delay, and put forward targeted solutions, effectively ensuring the project development progress

in view of the current situation that MC products have high requirements on the performance of supporting parts and the conventional casting process cannot meet the performance requirements, the power department and the supplier put forward 6 Overall dimension (length × wide × Height) 750 × four hundred × After repeated verification, more than 1000 (mm) sets of improvement schemes were finally confirmed to add product heat treatment process for aging treatment of MC product accessories, so as to improve product performance. At the same time, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of products, through benchmarking with domestic excellent peers, learning their advanced experience, we put forward several sets of high-level processing tooling suitable for ourselves, such as a set of rotating tooling for 5173 intercooling forward gas pipe, 0643 thermostat outlet pipe and 0083 thermostat shell, which greatly improves the dimensional accuracy of products

in order to ensure that the cleanliness of MC products meets the target requirements, the power department has invited the supplier's personnel to participate in the regular MC product quality meetings for many times, which has aroused the high attention of the supplier's senior management to the problem of cleanliness, and has set up a special isolated cleaning room to clean the direct packaging after Linyi does not allow outsiders to stay, and control the secondary pollution

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