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Sinotruk: emergency service we started the third week of Ireland's overseas after-sales service on the road. On Monday, we went to work. We were dealing with an axle problem in the factory. Suddenly, the customer called: a dump truck in strokestown in the northwest had a black screen and electrical appliances could not work. The vehicle was out of service and in urgent need of rescue

looking at the map, strokestown is more than 160 kilometers away from the factory, which is quite a long way away. I am well aware that in Ireland, if the vehicle stops for work, the owner will claim for the delay fee. If the vehicle stops for a long time, it will also have an impact on the overseas brand image of China heavy truck products. So without hesitation, I quickly packed up my tools, filled up the service vehicle with fuel, opened Google maps to set a place, kept in touch with customers, and rushed all the way to the parking place

the weather in Ireland is changeable. On the road, it is cloudy, sunny and foggy. We drive the service car carefully, looking for shortcuts and shortening the driving mileage, and finally arrive at the quarry 160 km away in 2 hours

in the distance, I saw a Chinese heavy truck waiting there quietly, waiting for relatives in the distance. The striking pattern is just right, as if it had been integrated into the local economic construction. The driver came over. With an eager expression on his face, he told us that he hoped the vehicle would be ready as soon as possible so that he could continue to work

step on the vehicle, judge the fault, and quickly troubleshoot the cause of the fault: check the insurance, connect the computer, test the circuit, and lock the fault in the body computer cbcu within one minute. Replace the cbcu with a new one, brush and write the program, start the vehicle, the instrument is normal, the start is normal, and the vehicle can work normally. Looking at the driver's smile, we also breathed a long sigh of relief

after the vehicle was normal, they communicated with the driver about the use of the vehicle in a responsible attitude to the customer. The driver reported that the radio was often noisy and dropped, which affected the listening effect. Local drivers like to listen to the radio while driving to alleviate work fatigue. Based on the customer's requirements, I started to solve the problem of poor radio listening quality after returning to the station

since the radio matches the local brand, the focus of the problem is on the radio antenna. First, the signal amplifier was installed on the radio antenna for testing, but the effect was not ideal. When encountering obstacles such as bridges and tall buildings, the radio would start to hiss less than 10% of the import volume. At one time, I wanted to change the original antenna structure of the vehicle to increase the signal receiving capacity. However, considering that the scheme can now design and manufacture plastic melt gear pump products, such as 28/28 (center distance/tooth width), 56/56, 70/70, 90/90 and other complex products, the feasibility is not high, and the problem was at an impasse for a time. "There are more ways than difficulties". Looking at the speeding vehicles outside the windows, we suddenly wondered whether to borrow the local antenna to try the effect? "Hard work pays off". During the road test, it was found that the reception effect was very good, and the sound quality throughout the course was clear without noise

the problem was solved. We contacted the driver, and then according to the A7 cab structure, the antenna was smoothly installed on the wind guide bracket through the column of the cab with experimental power and through the ceiling lamp harness, striving to be waterproof, firm and beautiful. With the solution of the problem of radio noise, all major automobile manufacturers are launching innovative cargo space, which once again gives a thumbs up to the after-sales service personnel of China National Heavy Duty Truck

in many cases, the working environment of overseas after-sales service is not as perfect as that in China. In order to solve problems, we need to overcome various difficulties, such as language communication, environmental adaptation, condition constraints, etc. but before difficulties arise, we should have a full understanding, "think about what customers think", "think about what customers are urgent", and truly strive for perfection and solve problems for customers quickly and well, We will be able to do a good job in after-sales service, which is the real value of SINOTRUK International's overseas after-sales service personnel

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