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On July 3, "cool summer, summer storm" brand alliance activity was successfully held in 418 Huatian Hotel in Loudi, Hunan Province. Many brands launched special offers, and more than 300 guests swarmed in, competing to buy

on July 3, the brand alliance activity of "cool summer, summer storm" was successfully held in 418 Huatian Hotel in Loudi, Hunan Province. Many brands launched special offers to jointly make profits, which attracted the attention of a large number of owners. More than 300 guests swarmed in and competed to buy

the nine brands of this event involve nine categories: ceramic tiles, floors, wooden doors, overall wardrobe,, curtains, and wallpaper, which ensure that consumers can buy all the hardware products required for home decoration at one time

as an expert brand in the customization of high-end villas and luxury houses, Kaisheng whole wood home furnishing Co., Ltd. participated in this alliance activity for the first time, and showed full sincerity to consumers, displaying log products with ultra-high cost performance, which brightened the eyes of the owners present

our team of Loudi Kaisheng log life Museum attaches great importance to this activity. By inviting customers, selling cards, product introductions, etc., we invite all consumers who love Kaisheng brand to the scene, and give back the truth, so that the product price is discounted and the service is not discounted forever

at the event site, everyone was enthusiastic and excited about the huge preferential price offered by the manufacturer. In front of Kaisheng yuanmumen booth, an endless stream of consumers came to consult, crowded with customers who came to consult. Some inquired about the huge discounts of the event, some inquired about the quality of the products, and some inquired about the manufacturing process of Kaisheng wooden door in detail from the staff...

the event had just begun for half an hour. Kaisheng original wooden door was fashionable and the price was super huge. Its quality and technology were deeply recognized by on-site customers, and consumers placed orders one after another

at a quarter past four, a considerable number of consumer friends came to the event to "bargain". The "bargaining link" of Kaisheng's new relief log craft door was warmly pursued by many consumers at the beginning, and the on-site interaction atmosphere was very hot. We promise that the product price will be discounted, but the service quality will not be discounted, so as to protect the rights of every consumer

our participation in the price negotiation meeting of the building materials alliance aims to bring more benefits and care to consumers. In the coming and going price negotiation, it is not only the joy brought by digital changes, but also the good interaction between brands and consumers. Kaisheng can feel the love of consumers, and consumers also choose Kaisheng products because of Kaisheng's high quality, high taste and preferential prices, which embodies the home feelings of every family member of Kaisheng and the trust of many consumers




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