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On December 5, schneiman was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home furnishing industry annual meeting. Home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" made an exclusive interview with Huang Weiguo, vice president of Guangzhou shiniman home furnishing Co., Ltd

on December 5, 2015, schneiman was invited to attend the 2015 China customized home industry annual meeting. Home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" made an exclusive interview with Huang Weiguo, vice president of Guangzhou shiniman home furnishing Co., Ltd., with the theme of "customize 100, set the way"

interview guest: Huang Weiguo, vice president of Guangzhou sieneman home furnishing Co., Ltd.

Huang Weiguo, vice president of sieneman home furnishing Co., Ltd. accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of home hotline

Home hotline: the annual meeting of customized home furnishing is about to be held. What do you expect from this annual meeting

Huang Weiguo: this conference is hosted by the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. It is the annual top event in the home furnishing industry with the largest scale, the highest specification and the general recognition of the industry. This annual meeting is not only a summary of the development of the whole customized home furnishing industry in 2015, but also a look forward to 2016. In the context of the adjustment of national macroeconomic policies, especially when the real estate development is cold, it is very necessary to hold this meeting. Everyone needs to clarify their ideas and make a judgment on the future work, so as to make more effective measures

home hotline: the first general technical standard for (whole house) customized home has been born. What do you think of the significance of this standard

Huang Weiguo: anything may be an infant at birth, and it will mix fish and dragons in development. Customized home furnishing initially appeared as a sketch in the industry, but now customized home furnishing has become a pillar module. At this time, formulating standards will make every link and part have clear and rule-based standards. I think this is conducive to the orderly development of the whole industry, so that consumers can use safe and reliable products. Formulating standards is the general trend of industry development. Establishing sound relevant industry standards and further standardizing China's customized home and home logistics service market will vigorously promote the development of customized home brands, including wardrobes

home hotline: another theme of this annual meeting is to establish an Internet home market ecosystem. What do you think of "Internet +"

Huang Weiguo: I think customized home furnishing itself is a relatively broad field. It's meaningless to discuss whether to contact the Internet at this time. What we have to do is to embrace and devote ourselves to it. First, we should do a solid job in products, be clearly aware of the stage of enterprise development, and grasp the context of product development; Second, how to use the Internet to better develop better quality products. At present, the e-commerce link of sieneman is also doing well. This year's "double 11" sieneman customized wardrobe ranked second in the sales list of household products, and we ranked seventh in the large customized household. So I believe that if we stick to it all the way, the future development of schneiman will be bright

home hotline: we see that Schneider Mann is relatively smooth in the area of "Internet +". What's your opinion on another hot topic at present, "smart home"

Huang Weiguo: in fact, many industries have embraced the slogan of intelligence. For example, medical devices, automobiles, etc. have been used for a long time, but compared with the household industry, we use it less. When it comes to smart home, we often mention an Internet of things, which does not mean that we should do something independently in home. We should combine things from other industries. This is one of the directions for the development of home furnishings. Intellectualization often solves the functional requirements. I think this is a good and promising point, and our R & D is also working in this area

home hotline: sum up 2015, what achievements has schneiman made? What are the development plans for 2016

Huang Weiguo: in 2015, we signed the national daughter-in-law Haiqing as the image spokesperson. Her image is very close to the people, which is conducive to improving our brand image. In addition, we also attach great importance to capital operation and launched the IPO plan. In terms of platform publicity and promotion, our coverage is also very wide. In terms of e-commerce, we have set up a number of professional network operation teams. In terms of equipment, we have invested 20 million yuan before the year, and we will continue to increase investment after the year to transform and upgrade the equipment and produce high-quality products with better equipment and processes. In terms of investment attraction in 2015, we have more than 300 companies, and there will be more in 2016. In 2016, our brand promotion will be strengthened, there will be more new products in product research and development, and there will be breakthroughs in talent introduction. I hope more Qianlima come to schneiman





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