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Many parents will try their best to create the best growth environment for their children. Naturally, the growth of children should also be taken into account in home decoration, so as to create a good living environment for children

children can be said to be the hope and sustenance of every family, so many parents will try their best to create the best growth environment for their children. Naturally, the growth of children should also be taken into account in home decoration, so as to create a good living environment for children

for many children, "smart home" can not only facilitate their lives, but also allow them to touch the power of technology. In the eyes of children, "smart home" is like Doraemon, which can always bring them joy and curiosity. Many parents are still at a loss about how to choose smart products for their children and create their own smart space. Among the many famous smart home products, we might as well start from these scenes to create a smart life for children

children's intelligent "environmental Guardian"

in the layout of children's room, healthy life should be put in the first place. How to provide children with a healthy breath is an important part to consider in building children's wisdom space

children's breathing volume is 50% higher than that of adults by weight. When we go to bed at night, the doors and windows are closed. We always feel stuffy when we enter the children's house. Children spend more than 80% of their time indoors. If they are in a state of micro hypoxia for a long time, they will have a series of problems that affect their healthy growth, such as dysplasia, respiratory disease, inattention, loss of appetite, decreased academic performance and so on

how to improve the air quality of children's room, in addition to opening windows frequently during the day, we also need an intelligent environmental guard. Intelligent environment box ~ real time detection of indoor illumination, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde, noise, CO? Concentration. When the PM2.5 and formaldehyde values exceed the standard, the air purifier will be automatically started; Monitor the temperature drop in the middle of the night, and link the air conditioner to adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature; Indoor CO detected? When the concentration exceeds the standard, the fresh air, ventilator and window will be automatically started to improve the indoor air quality

even in heavily polluted urban areas, it can ensure that children can enjoy higher air quality and create a healthy and green home environment

children's AI smart nanny

in the morning, children slowly wake up in soothing music. The electric curtain opens slowly, and the warm sunshine spreads all over the children's room, easily opening the new day for children. AI smart nanny helps children develop good work and rest habits since childhood

mother monitors children's sleep status through app. At night, children turn off the lighting system and send information to parents. Parents can always control their children's work and rest and help their children grow up healthily

English songs can be played regularly in the morning background music, and fables can be played before going to bed at night. Let children always be in a relaxed learning environment, and children will be educated imperceptibly. Help children establish a good learning atmosphere

"Hello, little star, what do elephants like to eat?" "elephants like to eat bananas, and their food mainly includes grass, bark, fruits and vegetables." equip children with a smart speaker, and no parents should regret it. As an AI level nanny, smart speakers will work tirelessly to answer children's "100000 whys"

children's intelligence "light and shadow messenger"

modern children have poor eyesight. In addition to heredity, the environment has a greater impact. In the era of 3C products such as mobile phones and tablets, children's long-term use of small screens to watch movies or play games is the main reason for their poor eyesight. Light is closely related to children's study and life. Lighting quality will affect children's learning efficiency and healthy vision

install a star light in the children's room to stimulate children's creativity and let children enjoy their freedom here

intelligent light sense with regular work and rest

in addition to paying attention to functionality and beauty, the lighting design in the children's room should also comply with the regular work and rest of "work at sunrise and rest at sunset" to create a suitable light sense, promote the secretion of sleep hormones, and improve children's sleep quality

when the weather changes, the light sensor collects changes in the intensity of ambient light. When the light is sufficient, it can automatically turn off the light, and when the light is insufficient, it can automatically turn on the light. It can also link the curtain to adjust the light environment, that is, no matter where or how the weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination is maintained at the set level

simulate the change of natural light, let the indoor lighting change with the natural light, match the intelligent curtain with the sleep mode, and create a comfortable light environment that meets our needs for brewing sleep

soft start function

when the light is turned on at night, the light gradually turns from dark to bright. When the light is turned off, the light turns from bright to dark, avoiding sudden changes in brightness to stimulate the eyes, giving children a buffer to protect their eyesight

a corner of the world in childhood memory is a memory that can never be erased. It creates a smart space for children to let their imagination gallop, which is more in line with children's nature, so that children can grow happily in a free, healthy, warm and creative environment




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