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On June 11, the Kaikai family of the northwest war zone gathered in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, to hold a grand linkage kick-off meeting. It is believed that from June 15 to July 7, Kaikai wooden door will succeed in the northwest linkage

the isolated city is surrounded by emerald trees, and the wilderness is better than the mountain

the road to Hong is cut high for half a day,

the soldiers are worried by the cold for thousands of years

on June 11, the families of the northwest war zone gathered in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, to open a grand linkage kick-off meeting

at the beginning of the meeting, Northwest Regional Manager Wang xuanhu made a mobilization before the meeting, analyzed the changes in today's building materials market and the problems we are now facing, and emphasized the importance of this meeting. The opening families in all regions should actively participate in and cooperate, and apply the knowledge they have learned to practical work

in the morning, Mr. Hou of the business school explained the terminal store rotation system in detail, from the layout of the store atmosphere, the importance of the morning and evening meetings, and the unification of personnel clothing. Through detailed explanation, combined with his years of experience in the terminal store, Mr. Hou provided valuable knowledge for his family in the northwest region, and set standards for each terminal team, so that the northwest theater can achieve unity from the inside to the outside

summer is a season that makes people easily tired and sleepy. We played some simple games before the afternoon activities. Kaikai's family members actively participated, and simple games added some happiness to the family members. The originally dull venue was full of laughter, and the family members were also in high spirits, providing a good start for the afternoon course

in the afternoon, teacher Zhang of Kaikai business school gave a detailed lecture on wechat marketing to Kaikai people in Northwest China. Wechat marketing is also a kind of new retail. In the Internet era, the traditional retail industry has been impacted by the E-commerce Internet. In the future, offline and online retail will be deeply combined. Tiktok, wechat and other major traffic platforms are all customer expansion channels that we can use. Mr. Zhang focused on how to play wechat marketing, and explained it in detail from the creation of personal wechat signals, the management of friend circles, community management and other contents to the family, so that the family can understand it faster and use it better

during the training, Kaikai's family listened attentively and took notes carefully in important places. The atmosphere of the whole venue was strong. While Kaikai's family was growing, their morale was also soaring

in the evening, Mr. He of the business school explained the coping methods of different personalities encountered during the reception. Mr. He has worked for 14 years and has met all kinds of people. Based on his own experience, Mr. he analyzes the problems we often encounter in the reception process step by step through videos and gives effective solutions

at the meeting, in order to respond to the theme of this northwest linkage and improve store sales, Wang Hai, the northwest regional manager, took out military orders to assign tasks for this activity. Dealers signed military orders one after another and promised to complete their respective activity sales goals

daring to sign a military order for quantitative assessment tasks is not only the commitment of dealers to the company, but also the affirmation of their own ability

at this point, the one-day course training is over, and the next day's grassland development family is looking forward to it

grassland expansion

barbecue activity

game link

galloping grassland

bonfire party

the family members who opened the event showed a winning attitude and high morale at the kick-off meeting, and showed vitality and passion in outdoor expansion. This event, we work together to bring every consumer the best quality products and the most comfortable services. We believe that from June 15 to July 7, the linkage of opening wooden doors in the northwest will be successful





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