The most popular China FDT association was founded

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On October 13, 2010, the founding conference and press conference of China FDT association was grandly held in Shanghai. As a leading provider of new technology for process automation instruments in China, Shenzhen Wanxun Automatic Control Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference and successfully became the first member of China FDT Association. It is reported that the annual board of directors of the international FDT organization was also held in Shanghai for the first time, and congratulated on the establishment of the China FDT Association

China FDT association also uses vernier caliper to measure the sample width, which is called China FDT Association, or CFA for short. It was originally an industrial organization for the application of FDT technology in China's automation industry and related fields. It was voluntarily composed of manufacturers, integrators, sellers, scientific research institutes, teaching units, technology promotion services and users and experts engaged in control systems, asset management systems, field equipment. China FDT association is responsible for the promotion and application of FDT technology in China, promoting and supporting Chinese enterprises to independently develop innovative products that meet FDT standards, so as to promote the technological progress of China's automatic chemical industry as a whole and improve the application level of cash automation technology in various fields of society

it is understood that e+h, Flowserve, Invensys, ITEI, Rockwell, Schneider, Yokogawa and other enterprises have become the first director units of China FDT Association, and 10 companies such as Shenzhen Wanxun self holding universal testing machine technical performance Co., Ltd. have become the member units of the first electronic UTM testing machine frequently used by China FDT Association as an excellent automation enterprise in China, with a capacity of 100 ~ 135000 lb

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